Bok modellen

The BPC model

Train Alliance Sweden AB assumes total responsibility all the way from construction to long-term management through a combination of sound finance and industrial know-how.

Having an experienced organization working within construction and project management means that we not only know how to work in any geographic location but that we do so to the highest standards and at the lowest cost. This is summarized in our founding philosophy the "BPC" model:

  • Building expertise and quality
  • Placement and strategic location
  • Concept and capacity in engineering solutions

In the introductory phase of a project we complete a capacity and efficiency study based on such parameters as work flow, capacity, equipment, consolidation, etc. The study analyzes how investment-related earnings affect the tenant's total costs both in terms of capacity and efficiency. This can lead to major savings in maintenance costs, create greater openness, tie up less capital, generate more efficient use of railway vehicles and repair services, particularly through greater flexibility and less transport between trains etc.

Directly after the introductory phase Train Alliance offers long-term stable returns through the provision of efficient operations and management. As a lessor we are clearly concerned and willing to engage in investments and always offer the highest and most modern technical standards available in the industry.