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From the CEO

Train Alliance business idea is to deliver a for the railway field revolutionary concept based on industrial experiences to reduce costs compared to traditional systems. We deliver a complete solution that fully reflects the client's overall requirements and needs and strengthens their competitiveness in the market.

Since Train Alliance was established we have worked purposefully to develop our concept for efficient maintenance for train overhaul. Purchases of trains are expensive investments and trains shall be in effective working operation. Schedules for maintenance in workshops and depots have to be as short as possible. Our workshop concept there the train is standing still at one position, without being moved around at different places, and the technicians instead are coming to the train gives the opportunity to simultaneously do up to five different jobs at the same time; on the roof - outside - at the front - inside and below.

On our 85 acres site in Hallsberg we are at the moment in the final stage of building a workshop with a tandem underfloor lathe and repair facilities for locomotives with possibilities of working at five levels at the same time incl. exchange of axles.

This concept with simultaneous jobs have, except in our own plants, with success been implemented in consulting tasks for several different clients.

Train Alliance is a company built on industrial expertise and experience. We are proud to have Wiebe / ITG as a part owner and partner and together along with the rest of our organization stand ready to deliver future solutions for the Swedish and Scandinavian markets. We welcome prospective customers and partners, please contact us!

Otto Persson, CEO, Train Alliance Sweden AB

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